Dana Hansen is from Northern California and has been in Utah for 5 years. He is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Sculpture Intermedia. He received his BFA at BYU-Idaho in Three Dimensional Studies. 


His current research and practice investigate the conceptual aims of digital sculpture, involving its interactive abilities in virtual and augmented reality and physical integration through 3d printing. His work strives to bridge classical aesthetics and symbolism with digital processes and elements while questioning realities objectiveness and its malleability through time.  


In conjunction with his artwork, he has been working at the Eccles Health Sciences building in their VR Lab as a 3D modeler this last year, where he designs and models for various educational VR simulations and experiences. He also just finished teaching his first college course, Digital Sculpture, that he created using the University Teaching Assistantship grant that he was awarded last year. 


He has been a teaching assistant for three classes which include; Metal Arts, Art, Action & Environment, and Introduction to Visual Language. He had the opportunity to publish an art review for the Utah art magazine, 15 Bytes, titled This May Be a Sign: Tanner Lenart at Nox Contemporary. He has shown work in the Marriott Library on campus, as part of a larger collaboration with the Advanced Sound Design course under the School of Dance titled “Making Waves: Collaborative Exploration of Movement, Light & Sound”, at Studio Elevn in SLC, along with other exhibition locations in Northern California and Idaho.

After graduating with his BFA in Three-Dimensional Studies from BYU-Idaho, Dana went on to accept several commissioned private and commercial works; much of the work being received during his employment at the Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, UT. His training and work at the foundry included welding, mold-making, wax, bronze and steel chasing, and other traditional sculpting methods. These traditional processes continued through much of his work and assisted with his digital sculpting training that is combined with the digital techniques in his graduate studies research.

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